Welcome Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Mansfield Public School website.  We hope you will visit this site often for information and news of our schools.  We are proud of the work of our staff and students and invite you to browse this site to learn more about what we do.

The Board of Education, in collaboration with staff and families have defined our mission as ensuring that all children acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes essential for personal excellence and in learning, life, and work in our global community.  Our work is focused on providing engaging, rigorous, learning experiences to children that allow them to develop the skills and understandings they will need for future learning and career challenges.  We have clearly defined both academic expectations for our students and expectations in the development of life skills as defined in our Portrait of the Graduate. These skills include the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, use creativity, and demonstrate global citizenship qualities. A complete definition of our Portrait of the Graduate may be found here.

Within our classrooms we seek to understand, engage, and support the continuous development of every child. Our instructional practices are designed to allow students to build independence and application of what is taught.  We encourage and promote inquiry and individual meaning-making as we put students in the center of the learning process.

We value close, personal relationships with the families of our students.  There are many school-based experiences that bring families into the learning experience and many others designed to bring families and staff together to create strong communities.  Our staff communicate with families in a variety of ways and we encourage you to reach out to staff as well.

Our continuous improvement process includes annual goal setting and reporting of outcomes.  Individual school, department, and district reports may be found here.  Reviewing these reports is a great way to understand the focus of our work within the wider mission of the district.

Above all, please know that we view education as a process that can only reach its full value when all in a community work together.  We welcome your involvement and feedback and wish you a wonderful experience in our schools.


Kelly M. Lyman

Superintendent of Schools