UConn Tech Park

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Capitalizing on the talent and resources available at UConn, the Technology Park offers tremendous opportunity to grow the state’s knowledge economy. The Innovation Partnership Building anchors the Tech Park as part of a master plan with up to 900,000 square feet authorized for development. In addition to five vacant parcels ready for new development, the Innovation Partnership Building also has space for businesses. UConn is offering favorable ground lease terms for development. UConn needs that could be accommodated at the Tech Park include graduate housing; research and development; biomedical, IT and computer science development; business start-ups; and student services. Parking is available on site and the Tech Park is within easy walking distance to the core of campus. Bus service is available as well.


- Connecticut's flagship university
- Main campus is home to over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students
- Ranks among the Top 25 public universities in the nation - U. S. News & World Report American's Best Colleges (2020)
- Next Generation Connecticut - $1.5 billion capital investment over 13 years includes construction, renovations, infrastructure, and equipment
- Bioscience Connecticut - $864 million investment in genomics and personalized medicine


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  • TOTAL ACRES: Approx. 100
  • ZONING: Master Plan for Research & Development

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