Notary Services

The Mansfield Public Library offers notary services to the public in compliance with the Town of Mansfield’s Notarization policy.

The notary at the library is able to:

  • Administer an oath
  • Notarize acknowledgements
  • Notarize an affidavit

The fee for notarizing is $5.00 as authorized by Connecticut General Statutes.

Please call the library at 860-423-2501 before your visit to verify staff is available to provide notary services.


  • Two forms of identification, at least one of which also contains the photograph of the signer. Neither a social security card nor a birth certificate is to be used as a form of identification.
  • Signer MUST sign the document IN FRONT OF THE NOTARY in order to authenticate the signature

The following documents are unable and prohibited to be notarized by the Library:

  • A conveyance of land or property.
  • Living or general wills.
  • Birth, death or marriage certificates – those vital records are filed in the Town Clerks office and are available as certified copies at a cost of $20.00.
  • Any statement that requires the notary to swear to the authenticity of a document for which the notary is not the custodian.
  • Anything, from anyone, who is not appearing before us in person.

We accept payment in cash or check.  Check is to be made out to the Town of Mansfield.