Video Visits to the new Mansfield Elementary School

Mansfield Elementary School Visit 9 - 02/14/2023 - Highlighting Net Zero Features and Design

After careful planning and construction, students moved into the new Mansfield Elementary School building on April 18 and 19, 2023! 

Here is a video of the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on June 9, 2023. View it here!    The event was very exciting, and Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and other state dignitaries joined students and staff for that special day.

Over the past months we watched our school grow.  In the final months of construction, and as the interior took shape, the district produced a series of "Video Visits" featuring School Building Committee Vice Chair and Educator Chris Kueffner (shown below right.) 

Watch a time-lapse recording of the construction process from June 2021 to February 2023.  View it here!

If you would like to learn more about some of the external features of the new school, Click on these QR Codes for information.

These videos demonstrate the progress and the features of our new building!

  • MES Video Visit 8 - 02/02/2023 - Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment
  • MES Video Visit 7 - 12/28/2022 - The installation of the gymnasium floor 
  • MES Video Visit 6 - 12/21/2022 - Highlights playground landscaping, IT systems and finishingChris in front of school
  • MES Video Visit 5 - 12/09/2022 - Exterior finishing and landscaping of the new building
  • MES Video Visit 4 - 12/02/2022 - Takes a peek at teacher work spaces and progress in the classrooms
  • MES Video Visit 3 - 11/21/2022 - Reveals one of the first finished classrooms, and demonstrates some of the energy-saving features.
  • MES Video Visit 2 - 11/10/2022 - Walks viewers through the main entrance, staircase, classrooms with SMARTboards, the gymnasium and heating and cooling systems.
  • MES Video Visit 1 - 11/3/2022 - Orients viewers to the new school entrances and shared spaces like the media center, makers' space and the cafeteria