About Us

WELCOME chalkLenard Hall Donors SpeakThe Community School of the Arts (CSA) has a long history of providing community based programs to the greater Mansfield area.  The CSA began as the Community Music School (later renamed the Community School of the Arts) at the University of Connecticut (UConn).  UConn administered the program for over 35 years, primarily at its Depot Campus in Storrs.  In 2014 the University partnered with Mansfield Parks and Recreation to continue offering an array of high quality instruction in the arts.  

2016 marked a new era for the Community School of the Arts, as Mansfield Parks and Recreation began to independently administer the CSA program.  The program maintained operations out of several facilities including UConn's Music Building, the Mansfield Community Center, and E.O. Smith High School.  

In the fall of 2019, the grand opening of Lenard Hall granted a very special new home to the CSA and all of its music, visual arts and performance instruction. Through the generosity of principal donors, John and Jean Lenard and others including the Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation, the Lenard Hall facility was made possible.  Mansfield Parks & Recreation is eager to continue to grow the program in its new location by expanding on the programs we offer.  

Participants can be reassured that Mansfield Parks and Recreation remains committed to providing high quality instruction and facilities to individuals partaking in all our CSA programs and lessons.  The core mission of CSA will not change; we will continue to offer students of all ages and ability levels professional and affordable instruction in music, performing and visual arts.  Mansfield Parks and Recreation has retained the services of many instructors who had been teaching with the CSA under UConn, and we will continue to employ highly qualified professionals.  Many of our instructors have already achieved or are actively pursuing advanced level degrees in Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut.  

We look forward to serving you at the Community School of Arts, and would like to invite you to explore the numerous other recreation and leisure services provided by the Town of Mansfield.