Renter's Rebate : Apr 1 - Oct 1


State of Connecticut Elderly and Totally Disabled Renters Tax Relief Program

Applications open April 1 - October 1 2023

Link to Application

Basic eligibility qualifications for this program are:

• You must be 65 years old by Dec. 31, 2022, or are under age 65 and are totally and permanently disabled, receiving Social Security Disability or SSI.

• Your gross income in 2022 FROM ALL SOURCES was no more than $49,100 for married/civil-unionized couples or $40,300 if single.

• You rent an apartment, house or mobile home lot and do not file under the Homeowner's Tax Credit program. Mobile home owners have the option to apply for either the Homeowners Program OR the Renters Rebate Program, but not both.

• You resided in the State of Connecticut during 2022 and presently reside in Mansfield.

Please remember the documentation you will have to provide in order to complete your application. These include:
1. 2022 rent receipts.
2. Receipts for 2022 propane, oil, water, and electric bills you actually paid. Energy assistance is counted as part of the utility expense and is considered to be paid by the applicant if it federally reimbursed
3. Proof of all 2022 income from all sources: Social Security, pensions, interest and dividends, Gambling winnings, annuities, sale or rental income, 2022 Income Tax return, if filed, and income from sale of stock.
4. Proof of disability (notice from Social Security Administration)

If you have a disabling condition that prevents you from coming to the office, please call to make special arrangements. 

 Please call Sarah Dufresne at 860-487-9873, or Yamil Figueroa at 860-487-9875, with any questions or to schedule an appointment.