Employee / Labor Relations

Employee / Labor Make-Up

The Town currently works with three different bargaining units to provide the exceptional services to the residents and visitors of Mansfield.  The Town also has a number of unrepresented staff comprised of senior leadership made up of departmental directors and assistant directors, confidential positions working in our administrative offices (IT, Finance, HR, and Town Manager's Office), and a number of part-time non-benefited positions.

A summary of our non-represented to represented (full-time) staff ratio is below:

Representation# of Employees
Professional - Technical40
Public Works20

Labor - Management Meetings

The Town's senior leadership staff partners with labor senior leadership and meets periodically to discuss and identify any issues and collaboratively work towards positive resolutions.

Collective Bargaining Agreements


The Town’s three unions are listed below:

  • CSEA - Professional - Technical (Includes Supervisory Personnel)
  • CSEA - Public Works
  • IAFF