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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Affordable Housing Committee
  3. Agriculture Committee
  4. Arts Advisory Committee
  5. Board of Assessment Appeals
  6. Board of Education
  7. Board of Education: Ad Hoc Committee on Policy Review
  8. Board of Education: Finance Committee
  9. Board of Education: Personnel Committee
  10. Board of Education: Policy/Curriculum Committee
  11. Board of Education: Transportation/Communications Committee
  12. Board of Ethics
  13. Cemetery Advisory Board
  14. Commission on Aging
  15. Conservation Commission
  16. Economic Development Commission
  17. Economic Development Commission: Business Outreach
  18. Economic Development Commission: Commission Governance & Bylaws
  19. Economic Development Commission: Development Project Review
  20. Emergency Management Advisory
  21. Historic District Commission
  22. Housing Code Board of Appeals
  23. Human Rights Commission
  24. Human Services Advisory Committee
  25. Inland/Wetlands Agency
  26. Library Advisory Board
  27. Mansfield Advocates for Children
  28. Mansfield Downtown Partnership
  29. Mansfield Downtown Partnership: Celebrate Mansfield Festival Committee
  1. Mansfield Downtown Partnership: Finance and Growth Committee
  2. Mansfield Downtown Partnership: Governance Committee
  3. Mansfield Downtown Partnership: Partnership Executive Committee
  4. Mansfield Downtown Partnership: Planning Design Committee
  5. Mansfield Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
  6. Mansfield Middle School Roof Building Committee
  7. Parks Advisory Committee
  8. Parks and Natural Resources Committee
  9. Planning and Zoning Commission
  10. Planning and Zoning Commission: Plan Design Review
  11. Planning and Zoning Commission: Regulatory Review
  12. Recreation Advisory Committee
  13. School Building Committee (2006 - 2011)
  14. School Building Committee (2018 - )
  15. Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  16. Sustainability Committee
  17. Town Council
  18. Town Council: Ad Hoc Committee on Affordable Housing
  19. Town Council: Ad Hoc Committee on Council Goal Setting
  20. Town Council: Committee on Committees
  21. Town Council: Finance Committee
  22. Town Council: Ordinance Development and Review Subcommittee
  23. Town Council: Personnel & Procedures Committee
  24. Town/University Relations
  25. Traffic Authority Committee
  26. Transportation Advisory Committee
  27. Youth Services Advisory Board
  28. Zoning Board of Appeals