Parks Advisory Committee

Committees Agendas and Minutes

On September 24, 2018 the Town Council dissolved the Open Space Preservation Committee and Parks Advisory Committee.  The duties and responsibilities of these committees will now be completed by the Parks and Natural Resources Committee.

CHARGE/DUTIES: The Parks Advisory Committee shall be an advisory board to the Town Council and otherTown officials with the following charges and duties:


a.   To act as advisers to the Town Council about needs within Town parks, preserves, and natural areas.
b.   In conjunction with other Town Committees, assist in the planning, acquisition, and management of parks, preserves, and natural areas in the Town of Mansfield.
c.   Assist in the development of management plans of town parks, preserves, and natural areas.
d.   Review and update management plans for Town parks, preserves, and natural areas as needed
e.   Assist in the implementation of management plans by:
•    Monitoring structural improvements such as parking areas, signs, bridges, and benches.
•    Defining, constructing, and blazing hiking trails to enhance to the recreational use of town parks.
•    Assisting in the ecological management of the properties, such natural resource inventories,invasive species management, and habitat improvements.
f.   Monitor Town parks, preserves, and natural areas and report problems to appropriate staff.
g.   Provide input to staff regarding potential budget needs concerning Town parks, preserves and natural areas.
h.   Provide input to PZC regarding open space dedications related to subdivision applications. 


a.  To promote community interest and understanding of parks, preserves, and natural areas in the Town of Mansfield. through community educational events, special training.
b.   To expand and support the Natural Areas Volunteers and Stewardship program.

 MEMBERSHIP: The Parks Advisory Committee will consist of 5 regular voting members and 3 alternates appointed by the Town Council in accordance with A§l92 of the Mansfield Code. Insofar as practical,members appointed shall offer expertise in local history, environmental  education, trails construction and management, land use planning or the environmental/natural resource fields, such as forestry, botany,mapping, or Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

LENGTH OF TERM: The appointments will be for three year terms.