Equipment (860.429.3676)
The Equipment Division maintains the Town's equipment. Equipment repairs can be broken into rolling equipment and non-rolling mobile equipment. Rolling equipment consists of cars, trucks and heavy equipment (loaders, sweepers and backhoes). Non-rolling mobile equipment is made up of chain saws, mowers and generators.

Grounds (860.429.3676)
Mansfield’s five person grounds crew (assisted by the Roads Division) maintains the Town’s (and School’s) 90 acres of turf, 13 soccer fields, 14 baseball fields, 2 football fields, the park and swimming area at Bicentennial Pond, the playscapes and the landscaping and trees around Town buildings and the Town’s bikeways and walkways. Grounds Division employees work out of the Town Garage whose normal hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hour emergencies are also handled through the State Police. Questions about the schedules and activities on Town fields should be directed to the Town Recreation Department. Questions about Town trees are discussed in a separate section. Other grounds maintenance questions can be directed to the numbers shown above.

Roads (860.429.3676)
The Town of Mansfield owns and operates 104.6 miles of Town roads, all two lane, 7.7 miles of which are unpaved. Twelve employees of the Department of Public Works are assigned to maintain these roads which involves plowing and sanding in the winter, repaving in the summer (grading for gravel roads) and maintaining the drainage facilities and road edges. Roads Division employees work out of the Town Garage (230 Clover Mill Road) whose normal hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hour emergencies are handled through the State Police.

There are also 30+ miles of State Highways in Mansfield (Routes 195, 32, 44, 89, 275, etc.). Contact the Mansfield Department of Transportation office at 423-0124 for questions or problems on State Highways.

Sewer and Water (860.429.3676)
The Town of Mansfield is supplied water from three sources: (1) UConn (will be switching to Connecticut Water Supply Company) in the northern section of town, (2) Windham Water Works in Southern Mansfield, and (3) private wells. All water supplies are overseen by their suppliers.

Solid Waste
Scott Sheldon, Landfill Supervisor (860.429.7189)
Virginia Walton, Recycling / Refuse Coordinator (860.429.3333)
The Solid Waste division consists of Transfer Station services. These services are bulky waste and household waste disposal. The recycling center is also operated under this division.

Trees (860-429-3331)
Trees along roadways within the Town of Mansfield are protected by Connecticut State Statutes and may not be removed or damaged in any way without the permission from the Town’s Tree Warden or State’s Tree Warden if on a State Roadway. Before any tree along a Town Road can be pruned or removed, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Contact the Town’s Engineering Division (860.429.3331) to determine ownership of the tree.  This will be done by the Tree Warden and/or Road Foreman going out to the tree in question and measuring from the centerline of the road to the right-of-way to determine if the tree falls within Town property.  Since every road is different, a measurement must be done for each tree in question.
  2. If the tree belongs to the Town and is determined a hazard, a work order will be placed in our Mobile311 system and our tree crew will be notified.
  3. If the tree belongs to the Town and is not a hazard, the tree will be posted for removal.  A Town decision will normally be given after 5 days or after a public hearing if a hearing is required. (Hearings are required if anyone protests the tree removal.)

If you have any questions concerning trees, please contact us at 860-429-3331.