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Eagleville Fire Department

Department Timeline

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June 25, 1934 - Meeting held in Hillside Hall to discuss the feasibility of organizing a fire department in the Eagleville area. After considerable discussion, it was voted to go ahead with the organization of a fire department and Frank Luond was elected Chief.   Edward Champlion was elected Assistant Chief, Lewis Medbery was elected Secretary and Howard G. Reynolds was elected Treasurer. John Alien, Fred Vinton and William Daley each subscribed $10.00 to a fund for buying apparatus.  It was decided to hold a meeting every Monday night.

July 2, 1934 - Equipment Committee reported that they had raised $100.00 paid in and pledges of $61.00 more.  The committee was appointed to select a place for a firehouse.  It consisted of Alien, Daley and Lyman.  After some remarks by Fire Chief Charles A. Reynolds of Willimantic, the meeting adjourned.

July 9, 1934 - It was voted to incorporate under the name of The Eagleville Fire Department, Inc. and Howard Reynolds was instructed to take care of preparing the necessary papers.

July 25, 1934 - Chief Luond reported he was called to confer with some of the Trustees of "the colony" and after hearing him they said it would be taken up with their finance committee to decide if they would contribute to us.

August 6, 1934 - Voted to build a firehouse 18’ by 50’ by 14’.

August 15, 1934 - A committee of Benoit, Kuryan and Loomis named to start on firehouse.

August 20, 1934 - Voted we make full payment on truck ($150).

August 27, 1934 - Check received from the Tidewater Oil Company for $150 for services performed in Coventry when a gasoline truck went through the side of the mill at the foot of Manning Hill.

September. 5, 1934 - Building Committee reported that W.C. Ruby would let us have material needed for the firehouse and give a year to pay for the same.

October 1, 1934 - Voted to hold meetings Tuesday nights instead of Monday nights.

October 8, 1934 - The constitution and by-laws were read and adopted by the meeting.

January 10, 1935 - Voted to meet every two weeks instead of every week. Voted that the present officers would continue in office for another year.

June 25, 1935 - Reported that the receipts for the minstrel show were 525.80 and from whist party $10.70.  Voted to pay the balance of W.C. Ruby bill.

July 9. 1935 - Received a check from the National Silk Co. in Coventry for work done at fire at lower mill in the amount of $100.

August 26, 1935 - Voted to buy 200 ft. of fire hose and "necessary attachments" for $132.50.

January 7, 1936 - Annual meeting elected the following officers: Frank Luond Chief, George Eaton Ass’t Chief, Lewis Medbery Secretary and Howard G. Reynolds Treasurer.

December 8, 1936 - Voted to sign note and contracts with Maxim Motor Co. for a piece of used apparatus.

January 2, 1937 - Annual meeting elected the following officers: Frank Luond Chief, Paul Hamer Ass’t Chief, Howard G. Reynolds Treasurer and Fred Loomis Secretary.

April 16, 1937 - Held a minstrel show at Hillside Hall.

January 19, 1937 - Voted we-take new tires from the Reo fire truck and sell the same as soon as possible and also to sell the truck as soon as possible.  It was reported that we had 21 fire calls during the year in our district and 4 mutual aid calls.

January 5, 1946 - Annual meeting - Secretary reported we now have 96 members, active, club and honorary. 43 members responded to roll call at the annual meeting. It was reported that Howard G Reynolds got back from the Armed Services and he was reinstated to Ass’t. Chief.

January 8, 1946 - Howard G. Reynolds suggested we appoint a Building Committee. Sometime in the near future we might build a new firehouse. The committee to be appointed in the future.

January 22, 1947 - The Building Committee was appointed consisting of all the officers and Raymond Warren, Alfred Johnson, Ed Gergler, Steve Pokorny, Charles Carpenter and Ira Wilcox.

May 14, 1947 - Harold King, John Costello and Felix Benoit were appointed as a committee to see about a permanent war memorial. Two other members from the community also are to be selected to serve on this committee.

August 24, 1947 - The war memorial was completed and a dedication service was held and it was turned over to the Town of Mansfield.

June 10, 1947 - Chief Luond resigned as chief and Charles Carpenter was elected to fill the vacancy.

October 10, 1947 - It was voted to keep the fire extinguishers in the public schools in Mansfield in our district recharged each year without charge.

January 3, 1948 - Annual meeting: The chief reported calls received during the year 1947 were 38 calls within our district and 5 mutual aid calls outside of the district and 2 false alarms. Edward Gergler was elected as president, Peter Kuryan elected as Chief, Robert Loomis, Sr. , Harry Hopkins Sr., Howard G. Reynolds and Joseph Kuryan were elected as Ass’t. Chiefs. Lewis Medbery was elected Treasurer. Fred Loomis Secretary.  

July 20, 1948 - Raymond Gergler was appointed as a driver.

August 3, 1948 - It was voted to ask the Town of Mansfield to increase our appropriation to $1500 for the coming year.

August 31, 1948 - Howard G. Reynolds reported about attending the Firemen’s Field Day in Goodyear Connecticut and seeing our old Diamond-T in good operating condition.

September 14, 1948 - Received a check from the Town of Columbia to pay for our services at fire call at the Three Sisters Restaurant in 1939.   Motion was made and seconded that Chief Kuryan head a committee to interview all property owners who have streams running through their property in regard to building a small temporary reservoir for protection in case of fire. Harold King was to see that a notice be put in the paper in regards to the same. It was voted to appoint a committee to get together with other departments to work on the details of having a central dispatching center where a man would be on duty at all times to take fire calls. The chair appointed Frank Luond, Howard Reynolds and Charles Carpenter to the committee.

September 28, 1948 - Harold King reported on an essay contest to be held for the school children as part of the Fire Prevention Week Program. The title of the essay is to be "Why is the Fireman your Friend". Letter received and read from the Southern New England Telephone Co. in regards to changing the phones over to the dial system.

October 12, 1948 - The President complimented the membership for the remarkable turnout for a serious house fire in Willington on Oct. 6, 1948.

October 29, 1948 - A report was made by the committee in regards to the forming of a Ladies Auxiliary. A motion was made and seconded and passed that we allow a Ladies Auxiliary to be formed and that the members could be the wives or daughters of the members of the fire department who are in good standing. Howard Reynolds gave a report on the Central Fire Control Committee. Information has gone to the Telephone Company who are making a survey to determine the cost. He further stated it would be six months or a year before it would be put into effect.

November 9, 1948 - Comments were made about the forming of the Ladies Auxiliary. It was reported that some of the women seem to have the idea that we wanted them to form an auxiliary for the purpose of cleaning the firehouse.

November 23, 1948 - A report was made on what New London County Fire Departments are doing concerning two-way radios for their apparatus.

January 8, 1949 - Annual Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Edward Gergler. It was noted that there were 44 members present. Edward Gergler was re-elected President and G. Merritt Thompson was elected Vice President. Lewis Medbery was elected Treasurer and Fred Loomis was elected Secretary. Peter Kuryan was re-elected Chief.  A report was made regarding the new Central Dispatching System outlining the meeting between the Willimantic Board of Fire Commissioners, the Mayor and the New London Fire Department Chief.  Others in attendance were representatives of the Telephone Company and Chief Foy of the Manchester Fire Dept.

February 15, 1949 - Contact to be made with the Mansfield Vol. Fire Company regarding our respective fire districts.  Letter received and read from Ray Gergler who is now in Germany.  Question of the Ladies Auxiliary was brought up but no action was taken.

April 26, 1949 - Check in the amount of $1500 received from the Town of Mansfield and it was voted to put $500 into the equipment account and to donate $50 to the North Windham Fire Dept. who are taking care of the section of Mansfield just over the Windham line in their area.

August 16, 1949 - Letter received and read from Mrs. Annie E. Vinton on her pleasure at attending the fire department annual clam bake.

October 25, 1949 - The committee on the Central Dispatching System   reported that at a meeting held last Wednesday night, it appeared that a Central Dispatching System would now become a reality especially after the serious fire in Willimantic last Sunday night.

November 22, 1949 - Frank Kent, Chair of the Turkey Raffle Committee reported on the success of the raffle.  A sum of $265.65 was netted.

January 7, 1950 - Annual meeting of the department was held at the fire station.  Discussion was held on the need for a larger building to carry out the functions of the department.  Motion was made and seconded that the President be chairman of the committee of not less than five to study the cost of the same and report in six months.

March 15,. 1950 - President Gergler mentioned that members should be thinking up ways and means to raise funds for our new fire station.

April 12, 1950 - Edward Gergler reported on progress of Building Committee.  It was stated that Father Foster agreed to give a sufficient amount of church property for what extra room may be needed.  It was moved and seconded and passed that Father Foster be made an Honorary Member of the department.

April 25, 1950 - Merle Klinck showed two tentative plans for the new proposed firehouse.  A discussion period was open for all.  It was noted that June 25th was the date set for the new telephone system to go into effect and that new telephone call cards would have to be distributed to all people in our district.

May 25, 1950 - Merle Klinck showed a tentative set of plans for the new fire station.

June 20, 1950 - A report of the building committee:  President Edward Gergler and Ass’t Chief Howard Reynolds told of the approximate cost of the new fire station and for the plans and specifications.  After open discussion, a motion was made by John Costello Jr. and seconded by Joseph Prue that we build a firehouse, Motion was carried.  Motion made by Robert Loomis, seconded by Ellsworth Gergler that the department have a set of plans and specifications drawn for a new firehouse.  The motion was carried. Motion made that the same Building Committee be left in office to continue with the plans for the new firehouse.  Motion carried.  Motion made and seconded and passed that the Building Committee secure a set of plans and specifications for an amount not to exceed $500. It was voted that we contact the First Selectman in regard to the sale of fireworks.

July 5, 1950 - An invitation was read to attend the dedication of the new firehouse in North Coventry on July 22, 1950.

August 15, 1950 - Howard Reynolds spoke on the subject of two-way radios being used in the fire department.  The date for the show that we are putting on at the Sports Center, to be known as the Hayloft Jamboree, was set for October 16 and 17.  A complaint was received from a resident of Pleasant Valley Road about the fire truck siren scaring his chickens.

September, 26, 1950 - Robert Loomis reported that the Post Office is holding all the turkey raffle tickets that we attempted to mail out, and refuses to allow them to go through the mails.  Joseph Prue is to see that they are properly distributed.

October 10, 1950 - Motion that the truck be delivered to the Maxim Motor Co. for an overhaul of the pump, so voted.  Fred Loomis to see that the truck is delivered.

October 24, 1950 - Merle Klinck reported in detail on the architects building plans.

December 12, 1950 - Howard Reynolds and Peter Kuryan reported to attend Drill Masters Course at Storrs, Conn.  Frank Luond appointed as alternate.

January 6, 1951 - Annual Meeting held at the fire station with 54 members present.  Merle Klinck reported for the Building Committee giving a very detailed explanation of the plans of the new fire station and the estimated cost involved.  Motion was made, seconded, and passed that we take $800 from the General Fund and put the same into a Building Fund.  The motion was also passed that the chair appoints a committee of seven members to handle all details for the building.

January 30, 1951 - Motion passed that we notify the dispatcher of the City of Willimantic to call any department to our assistance or to call us for assistance to any building fire. Motion passed to appoint Frank Luond to be Honorary Chief for life, and also an active life member. Frank Kent told of favorable comments received from individuals in regards to the performance of the department at the Willimantic fire.

February 15, 1951 - Section 3 of By-laws amended to include the office of Drill Master.  Frank Luond appointed to office of Drill Master for the rest of the year.  Read letter from Chief of South Windham Fire Department, inviting Chiefs of surrounding departments to attend a meeting for the purpose of getting better cooperation between all the departments in the area.  Said meeting to be held the evening of March 1, 1951 in the South Windham Fire Dept. Secretary instructed to write a letter of thanks to the South Willington Fire Dept. and the Mansfield State Training School Fire Dept. for their cooperation during the period that Route 32 was washed out and impassible north of Myron Green’s barn.

February 27, 1951 - The need for a pickup truck and a portable pump were discussed and a committee of five was appointed to investigate this matter.  Said committee consisted of Frank Luond, Dick Palmer, Charles Carpenter, Ed Gergler and Howard Reynolds. Ed Gergler appointed chairman of the group to go over the records and start a permanent history of the fire department.  A motion passed that the fire department sponsor a softball team and that Harry Hopkins, Jr. be the manager.

March 27, 1951 - A letter was read from Governor John Lodge complimenting the fire department for a splendid work that they did at the fire at the Mansfield State Training School on Feb. 27, 1951.

April 10, 1951 - A truck committee reported on the purchase of a truck. This is a Southern New England Telephone Co. line construction truck.   The committee was also authorized to purchase necessary equipment to be placed on this truck.  It was voted to erect a fence around the water tank belonging to the Sterling Shoe Fibre Co.

June 5, 1951 - It was voted that we would ask the town for $2000 for next years budget.  The truck committee reported that their duties had been completed, the truck was now in service and that a considerable amount of emergency equipment was located thereon. The committee was discharged with a vote of thanks.  It was announced that the department would start their sale of fireworks on Saturday, June 23 and that any member who has any free time would volunteer to assist in this sale.

July 31, 1951 - Howard Reynolds told of requesting money from the town to put up road name signs on all town roads.  Ed Gergler reporting for the building committee, stated that the plans are now in the Building Committee’s hands from the architect and that an estimate of construction cost is being worked on.  Howard Reynolds reported receiving the certificate from the Awards committee in connection with the prize received from the Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

September 25, 1951 - Joe Kuryan reported that as many members as possible should be present at the town meeting in October as opposition to our financial request is expected.  It was voted to hold a minstrel show sometime this fall.

October 23, 1951 - Ed Gergler reporting for the Building Committee stated that the specifications for the new firehouse were now complete and were going to different contractors for bids tomorrow. It was voted to take part in a Civil Defense Bombing Drill on Nov. 4th in Providence, R.I.  Motion passed that the Nominating Committee include in their slate for the coming year the office of Deputy Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, two Captains and two Lieutenants and that the by-laws be amended to include these officers.

December 4, 1951 - After a lengthy discussion on whether to take both pieces of apparatus to a fire or not, it was generally felt that both trucks should respond.  Secretary’s report for the year 1951 showed that through the American Red Cross a resuscitator was donated to the department.  It also showed that we held 27 regular meetings and one special meeting with an average attendance of 26 members.  During the year the department accepted 13 new members, 1 resigned, 1 died and we now have 74 active members, 20 club members, 5 members in the service and 6 honorary members for a total of 105.

January 5, 1952 - Annual Meeting.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  President G. Merritt Thompson, Vice President Stephen Pokorny, Secretary Joseph Prue, Asst. Secretary Kenneth McCall and Treasurer Lewis Medbery.  Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief and Drill Master Frank Luond, Ass’t. Chiefs Peter Kuryan and Robert Loomis, Sr., Captains Charles Carpenter and Harry Hopkins, Jr. and Lieutenants Francis Luond and Richard Palmer.  It was voted that a Finance Committee should be appointed to act on and assist the Treasurer with the department finances.  This committee was to be made up of three members, to be appointed by the President.

January 29, 1952 - Chief Reynolds reported on the progress of the Radio Base Station for two-way radios which is going to be installed in Willimantic.  It was voted that a $50.00 check be issued for our share of this station.

February 12, 1952 - It was voted to purchase one permanent mounted radio unit and one portable unit.

March 25, 1952 - Chief reported that the portable radio has been delivered to us and the antenna has been put on the Brockway (Rescue 4).  Also base station has been installed in Willimantic Fire House.  Edward Gergler reported for the Building Committee giving a review of the work done to date.   Three contractors bid on the new fire station.  The Jones Construction Co. of Columbia was the low bidder on the base bid and also on the two alternates. It was reported that the Windham National Bank is willing to loan us up to $23,000 for a period of ten years at 3% interest.  This would amount to $2300 per year plus interest.  After a lengthy discussion on the proposed new building, a motion was made by Harry LaBonte and seconded by Harold King that the Building Committee be authorized to award the contract for the construction of the building to the Jones Construction Co. with a base bid of $29,201 plus alternate #2 for $848.00 making a total bid of $30,049.00.  The motion was passed.

April 8, 1952 - The Chief reported that the two-way radio has been installed in the Diamond-T.  This means that we are the first department in Tolland County to have our apparatus radio equipped. It was reported that the contractor is expected to start work on the new fire station this week.

May 20, 1952 - The Chief read an agreement whereby the department is granted the rights to a spring on the Sterling Shoe Fibre Property.  It was voted that the Chief be authorized to sign for the department and properly record this document.

June 3, 1952 - Report given on the Groton-New London Drill which took place on May 25 and in which we took part in.  It was voted that three members of the Finance Committee be appointed to make arrangements for the sale of the old fire station with the understanding that it be moved from its present site.

July 15, 1952 - A report was made by the Fireworks Committee showing that a profit of $502.53 was made by this committee on the sale of fireworks.

August 26, 1952 - It was reported that we had won a prize in the Hartford County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Fire Prevention Contest in the amount of $700.  It was voted to split this between the General Account and the Building Account.  Our softball team won the State Championship in a play-off with Naugatuck on Saturday August 16.

October 8, 1952 - The Dedication of the new building having taken place in September, it was voted to discharge the Building Committee with a vote of thanks.  Harold King stated that a Women’s Auxiliary for this Department should be considered.  It was voted that the department go on record as being favorable to this auxiliary.

October 21, 1952 - Voted to make Captain Trask of the Salvation Army an honorary member and present him with a badge.  Voted that $500 be the selling price of the old fire station.

November 18, 1952 - Voted to have a group picture taken at our Annual Meeting in January 1953 and to have it framed and hung in station.

December 16, 1952 - Chief reported about a radio base that is to be installed in Tolland Jail.

December 30, 1952 - Chief reported 43 alarms for the year.

January 10, 1953 - Annual Meeting - 51 members present.  Officers elected: G. Merritt Thompson, President; Joseph Prue, Vice President; Kenneth McCall, Secretary; Raymond Gergler,  Ass’t. Secretary; Lewis Medbery, Treasurer.  Howard G. Reynolds, Chief; Frank Luond, Deputy Chief; Robert Loomis, Sr., Ass’t Chief; Peter Kuryan Ass’t. Chief; Charles Carpenter and Harry Hopkins Jr., Captains; Francis Luond and Richard Palmer Lieutenants.

January 27, 1953 - Voted to have minstrel show in April.

April 7, 1953 - Voted that new members not be given a badge until they have completed a basic course in fire fighting.

April 21, 1953 - Steve Juhasz thanked all members for their help with the minstrel show.

May 19, 1953 - Steve Juhasz gave a final report for the minstrel committee.  $1710 in advertising, $1051.50 ticket sales, $810.64 expenses - Ne-t Profit $1950.91.  Reported that on June 2, 1955 Father Foster will have been a Priest for 25 years.  Voted to present him with $25.00 silver dollars.

June 16, 1953 - Voted to accept check for $288.15 from the Union Church of Eagleville and a letter of thanks be sent to them in care of Mrs. Annie Vinton.  Voted to send a letter of thanks to Attorney Joseph F. Dannehy for his work in the title search of our property.

July 14, 1953 - Harry Hopkins, Jr. reported for fireworks committee that a profit of $871.00 was made from the sale of fireworks.

August 25, 1953 - Reported that we placed second in the contest conducted by the Hartford County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.  Voted to put prize money in Building Fund.

September 22, 1953 - Voted to buy brick to veneer outside of station (north wall).

January 9, 1954 - Annual Meeting held and the following officers elected:  President Charles Carpenter, Vice Pres. Joseph Prue, Secretary Kenneth McCall, Ass’t. Secretary Francis Luond, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Ass’t Chiefs Robert B. Loomis, Sr. and Peter Kuryan, Captains Charles Carpenter and Harry Hopkins Jr. Lieutenants Francis Luond and Richard Palmer, Deputy Chief and Drillmaster, Frank Luond.  65 calls reported for the year of 1955.

February 9, 1954 - Joe Prue reported that a minstrel show rehearsal will be held Friday, March 5 with Tim Quinn as the director.

May 4, 1954 - Chief Reynolds reported about a fire school that is to be established in Willimantic.

November 2, 1954 - Voted to sell old firehouse to highest bidder ($110) with understanding it must be removed.

January 8, 1955 - Annual Meeting and following officers elected: President, Charles Carpenter, Vice Pres. Joseph Prue, Secretary, Kenneth McCall, Ass’t. Secretary, George Danks, Treasurer, Lewis Medbery, Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief and Drillmaster Frank Luond, Ass;t. Chiefs Robert B. Loomis, Sr. and Peter Kuryan, Captains Harry J. Hopkins, Jr. and Francis Luond, Lieutenants Francis Conlombe and Robert Loomis, Jr.

January 11,1955 - Voted that the land on which the old firehouse was located De deeded back to Mrs. Vinton.

April 19, 1955 - It was reported that $2400 in advertising had been sold for minstrel show program book.

July 26, 1955 - It was reported that a dinner to honor Dr. Dimock would be held in Storrs on August 23.  Members were urged to attend.

August 9, 1955 - $102.23 received from Friendship Club for our share of cooperative supper.

August 24, 1955 - Discussion of our activity during floods including response to Forestville.  Suggestion made that we try to have county stockpile emergency equipment and supplies at County Jails.

September 6, 1955 - On a motion of M. Klinck, it was voted that all members who have completed 20 years of service be given a proper certificate.

November 1, 1955 - Voted to join with Friendship Club to put on a supper on November 12.  Profit from said supper to go towards a new kitchen sink.  Report made on solicitations.  It appears this will total about $1500.  Letter read from C.D. Director Leo Mulcahy thanking us for work done in Floods.

Chief’s report for the year mentioned the floods of August 16, 1955 and October 15, 1955.  Department won two prizes for proficiency in fire fighting and fire prevention offered by the Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.  We placed first in the County and third in the State and received a cash award of $550.

January 7, 1956 - Annual meeting held with following officers elected:   President, John Costello Jr., Vice Pres. George Danks, Secretary Kenneth McCall, Asst. Secretary Calvin Wilcox, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Chief, Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief and Drill Master Charles Carpenter, Asst. Chiefs, Francis Luond and Peter Kuryan, Captains Harry G. Hopkins Jr. and Francis Conlombe, Lieutenants Robert Loomis, Jr. and George Prouty.

March 7, 1956 - Chief Reynolds gave a report on the fire prevention conference called by the Governor and held at the State Capitol. This was attended by Chief Reynolds, Charles Carpenter and Merle Klinck of our department.  The Chief voiced his opinion that it might be desirable for our department to own the adjoining land to the south of the fire station which now belongs to the Sterling Shoe Fibre Co.  Motion made that the chief investigate this matter further.

May 29, 1956 - Merle Klinck reported on the results on the 1st class in the baby-sitters course.  It was also indicated that cards would be given out to the people completing the baby- sitting course and also a little party will be given for them after the course is completed.

June 12, 1956 - Merle Klinck reported that 43 of the original 49 who started the baby-sitters course, had finished the course and received their certificates.  Good publicity was received on this in both the Norwich Bulletin and the Willimantic Chronicle. Chief Reynolds announced a meeting of the chiefs of all department that were taking part in the burning of the old mill on July 22, 1956.  The meeting will be at the Eagleville Fire Dept. at 2:30.

June 7, 1956 -  Francis Luond gave a report on the minstrel show that indicated a net profit to date of $1583.24.

July 24, 1956 - Voted to buy a stainless steel sink for the kitchen. The chief gave a report of the work done on Sunday July 22 at the burning of the mill and thanked all members who assisted in any way.

September 4, 1956 - It was voted to hold an auction on Oct. 20 and Steve Juhasz was appointed chairman of the Auction Committee.

October 2, 1956 - It was reported that the Budget Committee had discussed our budget for the ensuing year with the town.  $4100 is to be appropriated to us plus $500 for water holes with the understanding that $750 of our budget will go into the new apparatus account.

October 30, 1956 - It was reported that the Firemen’s Training School in Willimantic is finally under construction.

November 15, 1956 - Voted that the department furnish a star to be worn on the uniform for each five years of service.  Voted that all members completing 20 years be given a certificate and a 20 year tie-clip.

November 27, 1956 - Report that solicitations turned in to date amounts to $1317.70.  It was voted to sell the old benches for $15.00 each to Homer Boglisch and that the Finance Committee be authorized to purchase 50 steel chairs.

January 12, 1957 - Annual meeting held and the following officers were elected:  President, John Costello, Jr., Vice Pres. George Danks, Sec. Merle Klinck, Asst. Secretary Archie Dore, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Chief, Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief Charles Carpenter, Asst. Chiefs Peter Kuryan and Francis Luond, Captains Harry Hopkins, Jr. and George Prouty, Lieutenants Francis Conlombe and Raymond Gergler and Drill Master Charles Carpenter.

January 22, 1957 - It was reported that the next meeting of the Central Dispatching Group would be held in Hebron on January 31. It was further reported that at a recent meeting this group discussed the possible installation of a recording instrument to record all calls coming into the Central Dispatching Station.  This would make for greater accuracy and protection of all concerned.

Febuary 5, 1957 - It was reported that 52 chairs had been ordered at a price of $4.02 a piece at the factory.  Chief Reynolds is to be responsible for delivery of the same.  After a short discussion of the need for an Asst. Treasurer, it was voted to appoint a committee to act with the President in selecting an Asst. Treasurer to serve through the current year and that the By-laws be revised to include this additional officer and spell out his duties.

Febuary 19, 1957 - Raymond Gergler was appointed to serve as Asst.Treasurer for the remainder of the year.  It was voted that we would have a Talent Show sometime during the year as a means of raising funds.

March 19, 1957 - There was a general discussion in regards to the University of Connecticut ruling forbidding employees to leave jobs to respond to fire calls. This situation is being considered by higher administrative sources.

June 11, 1957 - A new petition for town code on legalizing raffles in being prepared. Canvassers will be fully instructed before going out. Mansfield Fire Dept. would like to work with us on this. Some discussion with regard to a recent variety show. It was reported that the show was very good but the attendance was rather poor.

July 27, 1957 - Edward Gergler gave an itemized report on total expenditures on the budget items on the fiscal year July 1956 to July 1957. The total of all expenditures was $4262.38. Ray Gergler reported regarding the recent chicken barbeque. The net profit amounted to $159.52.

August 6, 1957 - It was reported that at the Officers Meeting on August 5 it was agreed that all active members must participate in some training course at the Eastern Connecticut Firemen’s School, Training will start on September 9.

September 17, 1957 - Voted to amend the By-laws providing for an increase in the annual dues to $6.00 effective January 1, 1958.

October 29, 1957 - The Chief reported that First Selectman Dan Graf had applied for permission for the University to install fire hydrants on the University water mains on North Eagleville Rd. A letter received from a group of ladies requesting our opinion of the establishment of a Ladies Auxiliary of the Eagleville Fire Dept. It was voted that we indicate our favorable reaction to the organization of a ladies auxiliary.

December. 27, 1957 - It was reported that approximately $1300 had now been received from our Annual Solicitation. The entertainment committee reported they were proposing a Miss Fireman Contest with a dance as a means of raising money.

January 11, 1958 - Annual meeting held with the following officers elected: John Costello Jr. President, George Danks, Vice Pres. Merle Klinck Sec., Archie Dore Asst. Sec. Lewis Medbery Treasurer, Harry LaBonte Asst. Treas. Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief Charles Carpenter, Asst. Chiefs Peter Kuryan and Francis Luond, Captains Harry Hopkins, Jr. and George Prouty, Lieutenants Francis Conlombe and Raymond Gergler. The report of the special truck committee was presented by Charles Carpenfpr, Chairman ,  It was voted to accept the recommendations of the committee and add the following: Cost not to exceed $15,000. complete with all accessories delivered at Eagleville Fire Station. Steve Juhasz, Chairman of the entertainment committee gave a detailed description of the Miss Eastern Connecticut Fireman Contest and Ball to be held May 2, 1958 at the State Armory.

January 21, 1958 - The Ladies Auxiliary announced a food sale for Sunday, January 26th. They reported.that they earned $53.00 at their first food sale.

February 4, 1958 - The Women’s Auxiliary announced sale of vanilla and pepper to help purchase a slicing machine.  See Charles Carpenter and buy freely.

April 15, 1958 - A committee was appointed to bring in reports on the construction costs of a small addition to the firehouse to provide additional storage space.  It was reported that we request the town Board of Finance to appropriate to us $1250.00 to meet our operating deficit.  This will be brought before a Town Meeting at a later date.

May 15, 1958 - Chief Reynolds reported regarding the possibility of securing a parcel of land immediately south of fire department property.  The town would trade part of land opposite the old mill site for this land and possibly eventually transfer to the fire department.  This will be brought up at a town meeting at a later date.  Ray Gergler made the suggestion that a suitable placque for names of deceased members be purchased by the department.

May 27, 1958 - Steve Juhasz reported on the Firemen’s Ball and Contest Committee.  He stated that the net profit from the affair was $719.77.   Edward Gergler reported for the Finance Committee stating that a $1250 check had been received from the Town of Mansfield as previously requested.

July 8, 1958 - It was reported that the installation of a hydrant on North Eagleville Road would start very shortly.  Burt Hall has been awarded the contract.

August 5, 1958 - Charles Carpenter reported for the Special Truck Committee stating that the truck and equipment has now been selected. August 19, 1958 - Steve Juhasz announced the 25th Anniversary Committee who are all charter members:  Peter Kuryan, Chairman, Joseph Kuryan, Fred Loomis, Frank Luond, Lewis Nedbery and Howard Reynolds.  Howard Reynolds reported for the new truck committee stating that the contract for the purchase of the same has now been signed.  It was reported that our budget as recommended to the Town Board of Finance for the next year is in the amount of $6400 which includes $1000 for the new apparatus fund.

September. 2, 1958 - Joseph Prue reported on the State Firemen’s Convention held in Waterbury on August 22 and 23rd.  He announced that Chief Reynolds had been elected as State Vice President for the Association for the coming year.

September. 16, 1958 - The Chief read a copy of a letter written by Mr. Dunn to the First Selectman of Mansfield with high praise for the Eagleville and Mansfield Fire Depts.

September 30, 1958 - It was announced that the hydrant on North Eagleville Road is now installed and in operation.

October. 14, 1958 - Chief Reynolds reported that the Town Meeting had approved our budget of $6400 for the next fiscal year.  $1000 is to go in the new truck fund also $500 for water holes.  A paid day duty man was not approved.

December 23, 1958 - It was reported that the solicitation fund to date amounted to $1435.00. It was also announced that the new fire truck had arrived and passed Underwriters tests successfully and is ready for acceptance. After some discussion, the Chief moved that the Eagleville Fire Department borrow $8000 from the Windham Office of the Connecticut Bank and Trust Co. and that Lewis Medbery Treasurer be authorized to represent the fire department officially in arranging the details of the loan including the signing of all necessary papers. After some discussion,"Open House" was suggested as good publicity and public relations for the new fire truck. It was voted to hold the same on January 18. The chief announced that Engine 10 was scheduled to go to the Maxim Motor Co. Friday, Dec. 26th for much needed over-hauling.

January 10, 1959 - Annual meeting was held and the following officers were elected: President Joseph Prue, Vice Pres. Fern Duval, Sec. Merle S. Klinck, Asst. Sec. Archie Dore, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Asst. Treas. B.W. Thompson, Chief Howard G. Reynold, Deputy Chief and Drill Master Charles Carpenter, Asst. Chiefs Francis Luond and George Prouty, Captains Ray Gergler and Harry Hopkins, Lieutenants Francis Conlombe and Robert Loomis, Jr.

January 20, 1959 - Chief commented with regard to the Open House held recently with the results apparently well worthwhile. It was suggested that a letter of thanks be sent to the Ladies Auxiliary in appreciation of their services in connection with this event. Engine 10 now returned to service - gauges re-calibrated and pump overhauled. It passed Underwriters test of 500 gpm. The running boards were recovered, also considerable other work done by men and officers.

Febuary. 5, 1959 - A report was made of a meeting with the officers of the Ladies Auxiliary and the suggestions which were made as to the best way in which they can serve the department.

Febuary. 17, 1959 - A letter was read from the Friendship Club announcing that they were disbanding. A $10 contribution was enclosed. They will no longer need the firehouse for a meeting place.

April 28, 1959 - Steve Juhasz expressed appreciation and thanks to all those who assisted in the contest and ball. There was some discussion regarding the parade to be held in Willimantic on May 16th. Our group will leave the firehouse at 9:30 a.m. in uniform and Miss Eastern Connecticut Fireman will lead the fire department section of the parade. Chief Reynolds described the preliminary proposed method of procedure to be followed in case of a search for missing persons.

October 13, 1959 - Mr. Willard J. Steams and Sons visited the department. Mr. Steams Sr. addressed the members briefly expressing their appreciation for what had been done during a . fire on his property in August. He also presented the department with a donation of S75.00.

February 2, 1960 - Harry Hopkins reporting for the Ways and Means Committee reported a meeting with the committee from the Ladies Auxiliary. The joint group suggested numerous possible ways to raise money to pay off the mortgage. Voted to carry out the suggestions of the joint committee.

February 16, 1960 - A report was made on a drive to raise money to purchase an ambulance for the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Dept.

March 15, 1960 - The chief reported that invalid identification markers had been ordered for homes needing it. This is a joint effort with the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Co.

May 10, 1960 - Steve Juhasz reporting for the Ball Committee reported that receipts up to date amount to $1333.82.

June 21, 1960 - The Finance Committee met with Mansfield Volunteer Fire Dept. to discuss the budget for the fiscal year 1961. It was agreed that we would ask for $7200 for our budget plus $500 for water holes and $3650 for a paid man.

August 2, 1960 - A report was made regarding the burning of the cold storage building for Barney Houston. The Chief reported that Tolland County is purchasing new radio equipment at a cost of $1400. The present equipment will be transferred to the Police Barracks at Stafford Springs. Also a two-way radio has been installed in the Mansfield Resident Troopers car. This is to be known as Car 27.

September 27, 1960 - Discussion was held relative to the necessary changes due to the ending of County Government. So far as fire protection is concerned, operating maintenance funds will be continually needed. However, future financial situation is uncertain at this time. A letter read from the Ladies Auxiliary indicating they will be glad to provide coffee and at the scene of a large or prolonged fire, the president of the Ladies Auxiliary should be notified when the Ladies Auxiliary assistance is desired.

November 8, 1960 - The plaque for deceased members has arrived and is ready to be installed. It was reported that the net profit of the firemen’s ball was $619.72.

January 7, 1961 - Annual Meeting: George Prouty representing the Membership Committee presenting life membership certificates to Frank Kent, Joseph Kuryan, Robert Loomis, Sr, Frank Luond, Edwin Medbery, Lewis Medbery, H.G. Reynolds and Ira F. Wilcox. Chaplain, Rev. Father Foster dedicated the plaque listing the names of deceased members. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Maurice Beaulieu, and all other administrative officers were re-elected with the exception of the Asst. Treasurer.

January 17, 1961 - The purchase of another truck to replace Rescue 4 within one and one-half or two years was discussed. A motion was made and passed to instruct President Beaulieu to appoint a Committee Chairman who in turn will select his own committee. This committee will explore fully all items related to the availability and probable cost of a suitable truck to replace Rescue 4 and make its report to the annual meeting in 1962. It was reported that there is being established within the town of Mansfield a memorial fund for the late Edwin 0. Smith who did so much good for the town. It was voted that this department donate $50 to this fund.

February 14, 1961 - There was considerable discussion in regard to enlarging the kitchen facilities. Motion made and passed that a committee be appointed to explore the possibilities of adding additional facilities.

May 23, 1961 - A check in the amount of $250 was received from the Ladies Auxiliary to be used for the purchase of 52 chairs and a chair caddy.

May 27, 1961 - The department held a mortgage burning ceremony. Robert Loomis; Jr. was the chairman of the affair. The meal for the meeting was catered by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Dept. A suitable program with a few invited speakers was presented by the committee.

June 20, 1961 - Ray Gergler reported on the ball indicating there was a profit of $510.96. The chief reported in regard to certain land to be swapped between Mr. Hochberg and the town of Mansfield. The deed has now been signed and will be recorded tomorrow.

July 11, 1961 - Fern Duval reported relative to enlarging the kitchen facilities. It was voted that Mr. Duval be general chairman of the committee to carry out the entire project, with power to act as needed.

October 24, 1961 - The Ladies Auxiliary donated $210 for additional tables for the station.

November 7, 1961 - The finance committee reported that they recommended that the entire debt on the truck be paid off at this time. It was so voted (Engine Tank 6).

December 19, 1961 - It was reported that $592.00 was received from the University for the work of members who served as traffic officers during athletic events.

January 6, 1962 - Annual meeting. A report was given by the special truck committee. It was voted that we favor purchasing a truck to replace Rescue 4. Administrative officers as recommended by the Nominating Committee were elected by acclamation. These included Burnham W. Thompson as President. The following line officers were elected: Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief Raymond Gergler, Asst’ Chiefs Kenneth McCall and Harry Hopkins, Captains Robert Loomis, Jr. and George Thompson, Lieutenants Roger Perfetto and Norman MacDonald. A truck committee for a truck to replace Rescue 4 was appointed and includes all line officers plus George Prouty, Francis Conlombe and Raymond Gergler is to be the Chairman. Motion made that the maximum price of the new truck is not to exceed $10,000.

February 27, 1962 - Motion made and passed that the names of all deceased honorary members be placed on our plaque.  Members names to be placed on fourth column.

April 10, 1962 - Assistance to the families of the firemen killed in the recent Norwich fire was discussed.  It was voted that we donate $25 to this fund.

June 5, 1962 - The chief discussed the use of 3 1/2 inch hose and reported on tests and demonstrations.  Voted, to postpone action until the next meeting.

June 19, 1962 - Voted to purchase four lengths of 3 1/2 inch hose. Discussion about next year’s budget.  Suggested that we ask for $100 more than we received this year.  Our Finance Committee did not favor this.  They recommended asking for the same amount.

July 3, 1962 - Roger Perfetto as chairman of the Annual Ball reported a net profit of $528.18.

September, 25 1962 - The special truck committee made the following report.  It was recommended that the department purchase a rescue truck from Leonard Motor Co. of Willimantic, Conn. on a 1963 P-300 Ford with a Boyertown Special Rescue Body at a cost not to exceed $10,000.  It was so voted.  It was also voted to dispose- of the Brockway at the proper time.

October 9, 1962 - The President and two other officers of the Ladies Auxiliary presented a check in the amount of $500 towards the purchase of the rescue truck.  They also presented a check for $50 for bowling team shirts.

October 23, 1962 - Ernest Herrick reported solicitations amounted to $1565.47 to date.

December 18, 1962 - Robert Loomis, Jr. reported that we should consider the purchase of four additional helmets and that the estimated cost was $14.00 each.  The chief reported that the old Rescue 4 had been advertised for sale and that three bids had been received.  The highest of these was $352.50.  It was voted to sell the truck to the highest bidder.

March 26, 1963 - It was reported that all minstrel property including the stage curtain had been donated to the Vinton School, A report was given on the earnings of the traffic detail at U-Conn during 1962.  It showed total earnings of $833.90.

April 25, 1963 - It was voted to have the chief represent the department at a testimonial dinner to be held for Ralph Anthony April 29

. May 21, 1963 - It was announced that Rescue 8 was placed in service at 9 p.m. on May 11.  There are still a few minor items to be completed.   The truck committee was discharged with a vote of thanks for a job well done.  A loan of $5500 at 4 ½ % was negotiated to complete payment on the truck.

June 18, 1963 - It was reported a net profit of $394.50 from the annual ball.

July 30, 1963 - It was voted to attend the dedication of the Willington Fire Dept. No. 1 on October 5, 1963.

August 15, 1963 - A list of qualifications for line officers was read under new business. This was suggested by the line officers at their monthly meeting. Roger Perfetto was appointed personnel officer to keep records of all members.

August 27, 1963 - A letter was read from the First Selectman informing us that our budget had been reduced by $495.00. The chief also explained the unprecedented action of the town board of finance regarding our budget. There was further discussion as to what our best move would be.

October 8, 1963 - It was reported that the hydrant had been installed on North Eagleville Road (Separatist Road).

November 26, 1963 - The officers and representatives of the Mansfield and Eagleville Fire Departments met at 8 p.m. at the Eagleville Station to discuss the recent action of the town Finance Committee with regard to the transfer of funds to the departments from the town. The town Finance Committee wants us to submit bills each month and they will pay the bills rather than turning the funds over to us to be distributed through our normal channels. After considerable discussion a motion was made and passed that the two fire departments insist that the method for disbursement of funds from the town to respective departments be as follows: The first installment on the budget allowance (50%) to be payable the 1st Monday after the annual town meeting - October 18th. The second installment (50%) to be payable the 1st Monday after April 1st of each year. Upon receipt of each installment payment of the appropriation, each department shall issue a certificate setting forth that the funds received are being used for fire protection.

1966 Annual Meeting - The following officers were elected: Richard Pellegrine President, Vice President Raymond Gergler, Secretary Merle Klinck, Asst. Secretary Robert Demers, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Asst. Treasurer Calvin Wilcox, Chief Howard Reynold, Deputy Chief Raymond Gergler, Asst. Chiefs Harry Hopkins and Kenneth McCall, Captains Francis Luond and Steven Gregory, Lieutenant Ernest Herrick.

July 12, 1966 - Discussion was held relative to the filling of swimming pools. The consensus of opinion seemed to be negative. It was voted that the recommendations of the line officers in this regard be followed.

August 9, 1966 - The Ladies Auxiliary requested suggestions for any items of equipment that we needed and indicated they would purchase the same for us up to an amount of $500.

October 18, 1966 - It was reported that solicitations to date amount to $2465.19.

Other highlights of our activities in 1966 were that a new  engine being Engine 10 was placed in service on February 7th.  It was voted to keep old engine 10 which will now be known as Engine 30 for the present time and it will be housed in the garage provided by Wilcox § Reynolds in Merrow.  The Chief’s report for the year indicated that we responded to 159 alarms with an average of 18 men reporting to each audible alarm. During the year, the town of Mansfield appointed a "Fire Service Study Committee", to inquire into the growth of the town insofar as providing additional fire service is concerned.

The Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Lewis Medbery indicated a balance in our Building Fund on December 31, 1966 of $10,990.52. Also during the year, our by-laws were amended so that a new member joining the department  would be required to complete an in-service training and testing program as prescribed by the line officers and drill master.

Annual Meeting 1967 - The annual meeting elected the following officers: President Richard Pellegrine, Vice President Raymond Gergler, Secretary Michael A. Beattie, Ass’t. Secretary Robert F. Demers, Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Ass;t. Treasurer Calvin Wilcox, Chief Howard G. Reynolds, Deputy Chief Raymond Gergler, Ass’t. Chiefs Harry Hopkins and Kenneth McCall, Captains Steven Gregory and George Thompson, Lieutenants Ernest Herrick and Burnham Thompson.

January 10, 1967 - It was voted that a truck committee be appointed relative to setting up specifications for the new truck for the new fire station.  Said committee to be comprised of the following members:   George Thompson, Steven Gregory, Ernest Herrick, Eugene Bergeron, Byron Thompson, Guy Reynolds, Richard Pellegrine, Mike Boattie; Bud Myers, Raymond Gergler; Howard Reynolds, Richard Chandler, Burnham Thompson and Robert Loomis, Jr.

January 24, 1967 - The house committee announced that a new septic tank had been installed and is now in working order.

June 27, 1967 - Eagleville and Mansfield Fire Departments both met at a joint meeting on June 26th and the budgets for the coming fiscal year for both departments were discussed and it was agreed that they would be kept the same except for the Mansfield Fire Co. request for an additional paid man.  Motion was made and passed that we purchase a base station to handle all the calls of the Eagleville Fire Dept. with the approval of the Finance Committee.  Also it was voted that the new base station be located at the University of Connecticut Security Dept. and during Fire Prevention Week in October we change our method of receiving fire calls from Willimantic to the University of Connecticut Security Dupt.

The President’s report for 1967 indicates that over $2700 was collected in the annual solicitation drive.  Also credit is given to the Ladies Auxiliary for their many activities and help and especially the presentation to the department of an orthopedic stretcher which has been placed on Rescue 8.  The  Chief’s report indicates a total of 171 alarms with an average of 17 men responding to each alarm.  Anticipating a new fire station to be built in the Rt. 195 - Rt. 44A area in our district, the truck committee has drawn up specifications for a new engine if and when the town makes the money available for such a purchase The Treasurer’s report by Treasurer Lewis Medbery indicates a balance on Dec. 31, 1967 of $14,512.03 in the building fund.

January 6, 1968 - Annual meeting following officers were elected: Richard Pellegrine, President, Vice President Eugene Bergeron, Secretary Gregory Schaffer, Ass’t Secretary Robert Demers, Treasurer, Lewis Medbery, Ass’t. Treasurer Calvin Wilcox.  Chief Howard Reynolds, Deputy Chief Raymond Gergler, Ass’t. Chiefs Harry Hopkins and Kenneth McCall, Captains Steven Gregory and George Thompson, Lieutenants Ernest Herrick and Burnham Thompson.

January 9, 1968 - It was suggested by the Chief that the Building Committee start to draw up ideas for the addition on the firehouse.

January 23, 1968 - Specifications have been drawn up for the new truck and the price will run $30,000.

February 20, 1968 - The Ladies Auxiliary would like to know if we have some ideas as to what we would like to have them purchase for us.  It was recommended by the body that they hold the money until the addition to the firehouse was built.

April 2, 1968 - The Chief gave a report on the progress on the plans for the new station.  There will be a meeting of the Zoning Board on April 15 to discuss this.  It was also noted that a reconstruction plan for new Route 275 will not interfere with our proposed building addition plans and that the building committee should start thinking of some positive steps in that area.

April 16, 1968 - Captain Gregory noted that we were having some problems with the over-head doors and he felt that the house committee should check into the possibility of converting to electric doors.

April 30, 1968 - It was voted to have "An Old Timers Night" on Nov. 2nd.  George Thompson is to be the Chairman of the committee for this affair.  The Chief stated that members of this department will not participate in any other fire departments fires unless their services are called upon by the officers in charge.  Due to various problems it was voted to have "Duke" returned to his original owner.

July 9, 1968 - Harry Hopkins gave a report on the building addition plans.

October 1, 1968 - Harry Hopkins brought up some rough ideas for the new building addition.  It was voted to engage an architect to draw up plans at an expense for his services not to exceed $4200.

October 15, 1968 - The truck committee reported that they would be meeting with the Windham-Tolland Truck Advisory Committee on Oct. 22.   They also noted that the 1st Selectman has signed the order for the chassis for the new truck.  It was reported that solicitations to date amount to $2810.00.  The President’s report for the year ending Dec. 31, 1968 made mention of the Old Timer’s Night which was held on Nov. 2nd. Also of the ice rescue sled that was purchased by the Ladies Auxiliary and donated to the department and the work that the building committee did in planning the sub-station on Route 195.

The Chief’s report indicated that we answered 202 alarms during 1968.   The Treasurer’s report indicated a balance of $18,230.07 in the building fund.

February 18, 1969 - Flowers were sent to Frank Kent on the occasion of his 95th birthday.

April 15, 1969 - Ronald Palmer was appointed as a paid man.

May 5, 1969 - The Ladies Auxiliary is supplying two folding cots for the use of the station in the event that it is necessary to keep men there overnight.

October 7, 1969 - It was reported that we had received a bid in the amount of $1152.51 on the 1941 Diamond-T (Old Engine 10).

November 25, 1969 - Harry Hopkins reported progress on the plans for the addition to Company 1 station.

The annual report of the President indicated that our annual solicitation brought us in $2607.95 and also gave thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for purchasing a new hose washer and other miscellaneous items for us during the year.  The Chief’s report was rather lengthy due to considerable activity during the year and included the following:  A new fire station was constructed and placed in service on Route 195 near the intersection of Route 44A.  This is an area of town that is experiencing an intense growth and increased fire protection in this area was badly needed, The town appropriated $120,000 in a package appropriation to buy the land, employ the architect, employ the engineer, build a building and equip it and buy a piece of apparatus and equip it. Hundreds of man hours were spent by our building committee and our truck committee to complete this assignment.  We are very happy to report that this  assignment has been carried out and that we were able to do so within the amount of the appropriation and have returned to the town $13.65.

The University of Connecticut purchased a 100 ft. aerial ladder which was delivered during the year and we have signed a contract with them which gives us care, custody and operation control of this piece of equipment.  If and when the University is able to secure sufficient manpower and housing for this piece of equipment: it will be returned to them.  In the meantime, it is available for their use and for the use of the State Hospital as well as any calls within our mutual aid area of operation.  The over-head doors in the apparatus room of Company 1 station were changed over during the year to electrically operated doors.  The Treasurer’s report for the year indicated that we had a balance in the Building Fund at the close of year in the amount of $21,327.85.

January 10, 1970-Annual meeting held at Company 1 Fire Station with the following officers elected:  President Richard Pellegrine, Vice President Barry Juhasz, Secretary, Robert Demers, Ass’t. Secretary Ed. Beattie, Sr., Treasurer Lewis Medbery, Ass’t. Treasurer Calvin Wilcox.   Chief Raymond Gergler, Deputy Chief George Thompson, Ass’t Chiefs, Kenneth McCall and Harry Hopkins, Captains Steve Gregory and Robert Loomis, Jr. Lieutenants Ernest Herrick and Ronald Palmer. It was voted that former Chief Howard G. Reynolds be made an honorary chief of the Eagleville Fire Dept.

March 10, 1970 - A truck committee was appointed consisting of Richard Palmer, Ronald Palmer, Steven Gregory, Calvin Wilcox. Building Committee reported that they had met with the town engineer and first selectman regarding the Fandell Property.

April 14, 1970 - It was voted that if the water supply on the new well does not increase at 300 ft. that we stop drilling and use the well for drinking and kitchen use.  The spring will be used for all other uses.   It was voted that the meeting go on record as being in favor of putting an addition onto the south end of the station.  It was also voted that the meeting accept the basic design of the plans for this addition as presented by the building committee.

May 12, 1970 - Harry Hopkins reported for the Building Committee on the Zoning Hearing regarding the addition.

August 18, 1970 - Motion was made and passed to disband the truck committee with a vote of thanks inasmuch as a truck is not needed at this time.

September 1, 1970 - The Building Committee brought in suggestions on the addition to the fire station.  It was voted to put the specifications out to bid.

October 27, 1970 - It was reported that the solicitations to date amount to $4130.33.

Annual Meeting 1971 - Annual meeting showed the following officers elected: Richard Pellegrine, President, D. Varney Vice President, Robert Demers Secretary, Ronald Palmer Ass’t Secretary, Calvin Wilcox Treasurer, Gerald Schaffer Ass’t Treasurer.  Chief Raymond Gergler, Deputy Chief George Thompson, Ass’t. Chiefs Kenneth McCall and Ernest Herrick, Captains Steven Gregory and Robert Loomis, Jr. and Lieutenants Gerald Schaffer and Ronald Palmer.

March 16, 1971 - Four bids were received for the addition on the building ranging from $120,000 to $151,300.  It was voted to award the contract to the A.J. Pepin Co. of Columbia who were the low bidders.

March 25, 1971 - A special meeting was called relative to discussion on the addition to the building.  A letter was read by Harry Hopkins which had been received from Zoning Agent J.R. Baker.  Said letter indicated that a Building Permit would not be issued by the Planning and Zoning Commission at this time due to various reasons and these reasons were outlined in said letter.  It was voted to have Harry Hopkins call a contractor and notify him of the communication received from the Zoning Board.  It was further voted to not take any further action until various details had been cleared up.

March 50, 1971 - It was voted to have another "Old Timers Night". May 8, 1971 - An Old Timers Night was held and Lewis Medbery who had been our Treasurer for many years was recognized for his long and faithful service.

May 25, 1971 - It was voted that we install a 2000 gallon water storage tank and pump to be put in a pit.  Estimated cost for the pump and tank was $1500.00.  It was voted that contact be made with Father Miller about possible purchase of some additional land.  It was also voted that the building committee compose a letter and have it published in the newspaper as to why we got held up on the addition to the building.

August 17, 1971 - It was voted to have the house committee get prices on having the parking lot oiled.

September 28, 1971 - Motion was made and seconded to have the parking lot oiled with the approval of the finance committee. It will take about 800 gallons.

November 9, 1971 - It was reported that the solicitations amount to $3325.84to date.  A communication was read from the Ladies Auxiliary indicating that they would buy us a hose dryer if we so desired.