Fair housing in Mansfield

The Town of Mansfield is committed to ensuring that fair and equal housing opportunities are granted to all persons, in all housing opportunities and development activities funded by the town. In support of this commitment, the Town has adopted the following:

  1. Recognizing Discrimination
  2. Fair Housing Complaints
  3. Other Housing Complaints
  4. Documents

Housing discrimination is illegal in Connecticut. Specifically, it is against the law to deny anyone housing because of their race, color, national origin, gender, ancestry, religion, children or family status, mental or physical disability, marital status, age (except minors), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and legal source of income (such as refusing to accept Section 8 vouchers). Groups of people with these characteristics are referred to as "protected classes."

Examples of discriminatory activities against protected classes include:

  • Refusal to rent to you or sell you housing
  • Telling you housing is unavailable when in fact it is available
  • Showing you apartments or homes only in certain neighborhoods
  • Setting different terms, conditions, or privileges for sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Providing different housing services or facilities
  • Advertising housing to preferred groups of people only
  • Refusing to provide you with information regarding mortgage loans, deny you a mortgage loan, or impose different terms or conditions on a mortgage loan
  • Denying you property insurance
  • Conducting property appraisals in a discriminatory manner
  • Refusing to make reasonable accommodations for persons with a disability if the accommodation may be necessary to afford such person a reasonable and equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling
  • Failing to design and construct housing in an accessible manner
  • Harassing, coercing, intimidating, or interfering with anyone exercising or assisting someone else with his/her Fair Housing Rights
  1. Allison Maynard

    Director of Human Services

  2. Rebecca Fields

    Housing Authority Executive Director

  3. Michael Ninteau

    Building & Housing Director

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