MPS Social Emotional Learning

Definition of SEL 

Social Emotional Learning is a process through which individuals learn and apply a set of social, emotional, behavioral, and character skills that supports individual well being and fosters a spirit of community.  
District Guiding Principles & Expectations
The Mansfield Public Schools is committed to creating an environment that promotesScreenshot 2022-07-31 125341
social, emotional, behavioral, and character skill development. In ensuring this vision,
the SEL Task Force identified the following guiding principles:

  • Social emotional learning occurs in supportive, restorative, positive environments that devote time for teaching, re-teaching, and building skills
  • SEL skills will be explicitly taught at all grade levels and incorporated throughout the day
  • SEL skills will be developmentally appropriate and responsive to the needs of the student and content
  • Equity and Anti-Racism are core to the development of social emotional learning
  • Each school will identify prosocial norms that are modeled, taught, and prompted by adults
  • Staff will receive ongoing professional development to develop social and emotional competence
  • Educators will strengthen family-school-community partnerships to promote the development of social emotional learning for all children

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