Rental Housing Regulations

The Town of Mansfield has adopted a comprehensive series of regulations to mitigate the impacts associated with rental housing and to ensure that units comply with minimum health and safety requirements. 

For further detail, please refer to the town ordinances or contact the department.


File the Landlord Registration Form.  The Fee must be submitted with the form.

  1. List the rental property address and fill out the form.
  2. The fee is $25.00.  This is a one-time fee, unless you change your address or name on the property at a later date.
  3. If you have other properties in the same name, you must fill out the form, and check the "Add to Existing Property" box.  No additional fee is required.
  4. If your physical address changes, you must file a new Landlord Registration Form.    You may list all of your rentals on one form if the properties are in the same name.  Check the Change of Address Box and submit with the $10.00 fee. 


This is required for 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings only.  If there is an approved parking site plan on file, you do not need to apply again, unless you want to modify the approved plan on file.

  1. Complete the Off-Street Parking Application, sign and date (toward the bottom of application).
  2. Submit a Parking site plan showing the parking spaces according to the Off-Street Parking Regulations.
  3. Submit Application, site plan and fee (Fees are on application).
  4. Upon approval of the site plan, the approved plan must be posted at the dwelling for the tenants. 


Schedule a housing inspection.  If you acquired a property that was previously a rental, please call the office to see if there is a valid Housing Certificate for the property.

  1. Housing inspections are conducted every 2 years.  You will be notified by email when the property is due for inspection approximately a month before the due date.
  2. The inspection takes approximately 1 hour.
  3. If a reinspection is required, we will grant 15 days, however more time may be granted to fix violations that are not a life safety issue.
  4. Smoke detection is required in every bedroom and on every floor.  This is considered a life safety issue and must be fixed immediately.
  • Right of Entry Form
  1. A Right of Entry Form signed by the tenant(s) is required to enter the property if your tenant(s) will not be at the inspection.
  2. If the property is vacant, a Right of Entry form is not required.
  • Water Test Requirement (if water is serviced by a private well)
  1. A Water Test is required every 2 years, usually at the time of inspection with the following Water Tests.
  2. See the list of Approved List of Water Testing Labs.
  • Proof of Septic Cleaning (if on private septic)
  1. Proof of Septic cleaning if required every 4 years.
  2. A receipt from the septic company is acceptable.
  • Housing Certificate
  1. After passing inspection, you will be invoiced $150.00 per unit, payable within 15 days.
  2. A Housing Certificate will be emailed to you to expire 2 years from the implementation schedule date.
  3. The Department will notify you prior to your next inspection due date which can be found on the Housing Certificate.