Cemetery Advisory Board

Committee Agendas and Minutes


The purpose of the Cemetery Advisory Board is to advise the Town Council, Town Manager, and such other agencies of Town government as may be appropriate with respect to the proper operation, maintenance, and restoration of cemeteries owned or managed by the Town. Such operation, maintenance, and restoration activities may include but are not limited to the clearing of weeds, briars and brush, the mowing of grass, snow removal, the repair of fences and walls, and the straightening and repairingof memorial stones.

The Cemetery Advisory Board shall:

1. Advise the Town Manager in the expenditure of town funds in support of its purpose;

2. Review and recommend to the Town Manager contractors for work to be
    conducted in support of its purpose;

3. Recommend to the Town Council a cemetery ordinance to include rules and fees
    for town-owned cemeteries; and

4. Study the need for and make recommendations to the Town Council for the acquisition of      land to expand present or create new town-owned cemeteries.


The Board shall consist of seven members who shall be electors of the Town of Mansfield and appointed by the Town Council for three-year terms. Members shall have interest or skill in the areas of cemetery operation, maintenance, and/or restoration. The Town Sexton shall be a non-voting, ex officio member. At the expiration of each term of present members of the Board, each subsequent appointment shall be for a term of three years. Any vacancy in the Board shall be filled by the Town Council for the unexpired portion of the term.

Keith Wilson - Chair