Town Manager

R. Aylesworth at signpost with caption Opens in new windowThe Town Manager serves as the chief executive officer and is charged with overseeing all town departments, and for carrying out policies enacted by the Council. In addition, the Town Manager serves as the Director of Public Safety, the Personnel Officer and the legal Traffic Authority. The Town Manager attends all Council meetings, and has the right of full participation except for the right to vote. In addition, the Town Manager is responsible for producing an annual town budget and an annual town report. The Town Manager’s Office staff members are directly responsible for the Town’s human resources, risk management and capital improvement programs.

The Town Manager’s Office is responsible for the implementation of policies and initiatives, for the development and administration of the human resources program, and supports the Town’s economic development activities. In addition, the department leads the Town’s contract negotiations with its six unions and oversees the Town’s risk management function. As Chief Executive for the Town, the Town Manager is responsible for all Town employees and acts to appoint, remove, and fix their compensation (subject to budgeting limitations).

The Town Manager maintains an "open door" policy and is available to the members of the Town Council, the department heads and employees, and the members of the general public who wish to sit down and talk about any issue of concern.

Accessibility and Equal Opportunity

The Town of Mansfield is committed to providing equal access to all aspects of town government, including government services, events and employment opportunities. We strive to meet both the letter and the spirit of federal and state laws and regulations that promote equal treatment of and equal access for all people.

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