Town Council

Antonia Moran, Mayor

Town Council Agendas, Minutes, and Packets
Live Stream of Town Council Meetings

Audrey P. Beck Municipal Building
4 South Eagleville Road, Storrs Mansfield, CT 06268

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To submit your letter for inclusion in the public record, please send your email to All E-mails are for official Town business only and privacy should not be assumed. E-mails are public documents unless subject matter is protected by State or Federal Laws.

Meeting Schedule

  • Second and fourth Monday of each month (Special meetings as needed).
  • Start Time is 7:00pm
  • Meetings are generally held in the Council Chambers at the Audrey P. Beck Building (Town Hall) at 4 S. Eagleville Rd., in Storrs Mansfield. Meetings are also livestreamed on YouTube at (and are available archive as well).

Agendas, Minutes, & Packets

Town Council Standing Committees

Antonia Moran, Mayor


Charles Ausburger, Council Member

860-429-3399 EXT. 3408

Ronald Schurin, Council Member

Ben Shaiken, Deputy Mayor

Ben Shaiken860-429-3399 EXT. 3402

Samuel Bruder, Council Member

Sam Bruder860-429-3399 EXT. 3405 

Brian Coleman, Council Member

Terry Berthelot, Council Member

Terry Berthelot

Dr. Carlita Cotton, Council Member

Cotton860-429-3399 EXT 3409

Chris Kueffner, Coucil Memberchris

Council Background

The Town of Mansfield operates under the council-manager form of government, in which the Town Council functions as the legislative and policy-making body, and the Town Manager serves as the chief executive officer.

Member Overview

The nine-member Town Council is elected biennially on an at-large basis. Council members serve without pay and elect one of their fellow members to serve as mayor. A deputy mayor is selected as well. The mayor and the deputy mayor retain full voting privileges.

Standing Committees

The Council has three standing committees: Committee on Committees, Finance, and Personnel. Ad hoc committees are appointed as needed to review particular issues and to submit recommendations to the full Council.

Livestream Town Council Meetings

Town Council meetings held in the Council Chambers are livestreamed on YouTube for viewing at Additionally, a recording of each meeting of the Council is available for on-demand access as well on YouTube.