Feline Overpopulation

Complaints & Overpopulation

A great number of complaints we receive are cat related. Most of these calls are a direct result of feline overpopulation resulting from owners failing to spay or neuter their cats. Cats can become pregnant at four months of age. Contrary to popular belief, an animal does not have to have a first litter before being spayed. It is equally important to neuter and spay cats as they contribute to the spread of Feline AIDS and Leukemia.

Responsible Owners

A responsible cat owner spays or neuters his/her cat between 5 and 6 months of age. By law cats need to be vaccinated for rabies from 3 months of age. Cats are best kept indoors. We receive numerous calls about lost cats. Coyotes and fishers are mostly to blame.

No Legal Responsibility

The town of Mansfield does not have legal responsibility to care for stray cats, but we do offer some services on a space available basis. We assist Mansfield residents as much as we can and give advice about stray cat problems or unwanted cats. If you are not a Mansfield resident, please contact your local animal shelter.

Intake of cats is dependent upon space available and we are forced to use a waiting list. We cannot take in feral (aka wild) cats.

Helpful Organizations

These organizations may be helpful for cats needing homes. Because of the cat overpopulation problem they are often full, just like we are.

  • Connecticut Humane Society
    Phone: 860-594-4502
    Phone: 860-442-8583
  • Helping Paws
    Phone: 860-267-0496
  • Our Companions
    Phone: 860-242-9999
  • Protectors of Animals
    Phone: 860-569-0722

Additional Resources

  • If you need help trapping and spaying/neutering feral cats and for the CATS Northeast low cost spay and neuter clinic please call Cat Northeast at 860-942-9676.
  • The TEAMvan, a mobile spay/neuter unit for cats only
    • Call 888-FOR-TEAM (367-8326) for more information

No Feeding

Please do not feed stray cats before making sure that they are spayed or neutered. Feeding unaltered stray cats only adds to the overpopulation problem by increasing litter sizes and making the problem worse.