Conflicts with coyotes are becoming more common as coyotes spread throughout Connecticut and in to residential areas also in Mansfield Connecticut, according to DEEP state wildlife biologist Christopher Vann.

First Reported

Coyotes were first reported in the state in the mid 1950s. They thrive near people and have even started to dig dens under backyard sheds. The animals are particularly watchful and aggressive around their dens during the spring whelping season, when pups are young.

In 2016 we have had 2 dog/coyote encounters in Mansfield in the Gurleyville Road area between Route 195 and Chaffeeville Road Both attacks occurred close to the homes where the dogs were living, one during the day, one at dusk.

Dog Owners

Dog owners "should exercise great caution" when walking in the woods and never allow dogs to walk unleashed. Dogs weighing less than 25 pounds are particularly vulnerable. Cats are also at risk. Cats should be kept indoors, especially at night

For more information about coyotes please contact the DEEP at 860-424-3011 and review the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's website.